Kerala Temple Setup today Contrary to Science

we need physical objects as well as spiritual objects. All the physical objects are available in market and buyable by price. spiritual object is unseen and intangible. But it can be sensed by mind and soul.  God’s bless is a typical example.

Temples are now considered as the whole sale market of God’s bless. According to Temple authorities the costomers are of more importance than the diety. The public also join this view taken by the rich men. Talking in other words, in temples God is secondary and man is primary. Is this worship? Making god secondary is not worshipping. It is simpy degrading.

In any institutions there are definite formalities. The benefitories are not free to disobey the custom rules.   The customs and manners are decided by the public. working staffs have no voice. This is slavery. This is crude and slavish. Can god support this?

The existing temple setup is neither ancient nor modern. It is an imposed situation by a leading middle class against another suspected class. The middle class misused the newly got political power to undermine the upper class. They  catptured the priest class and the helping class in temples,  burdening with overload amount of work in empty stomach as a revenge.

Therefore the present setup especially the administrative side in temples is contrary to science. immoral. more harmful than useful. This is written on the basis of a hot experience that I just had today.

A facebook talk on this subject can be had from my timeline.
Its Malayalam version is published in the main blog Santhivicharam.

Thank you.


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