Ten Poems

My Ten Poems

1) My Lovers

I’m not writer, but pen holder.
Got job during college days.

Support job took learning time.
Much of my mind too stolen.

“Work is Worship.” I think so.
Learning became secondary.

Sincere service found that firm
Pending salary for four months!

Mid term exam passed away !
Did not bother; new will come !!

Worries affected mastermind.
Found lovers everywhere !!!

2) Ignorance

You are a leaned human.
You have learned a lot.
But remain ignorant still.
As you ignore the truth always!

You may be wondering that
How could I got you?
I could know you out of
My ignorance and research.

3) Pretty Dance
She’s fatty but pretty
Seen never such a beauty.
Smarty’s dance
Saw wonderful.

She dances well
For no spectators
Just for a man
She is dancing !

Heard some tones
From inner soul.
Those were perfect
Played Ghazals!

The unseen dance
So wonderful !
Doctor’s advice
For being slim !

4) Master
I loved my Master
When he was alive.
Now I don’t like him
He left me alone.

5) Welcome

Travel by air and through fire
Through river and jungles and,
Come to the world of perception.
Here is booked seats for you

Waiting for you for decades
Gents and Ladies with children
Come to the world of perception!
Welcome to the world of percption.

6) Suspense

It was suspense from the very biginning.
Always I have tried to know.
Eversince I have expressed well
My thoughts, my doubts, my hopes and my dreams.

However, just now
The suspense came to end.
It is so sure now that
What I thought was TRUE.

But I would like to keep it
Suspense for YOU.
A small punishment !
Haven’t you ignored me ?

Yet I am simply telling…
God is the suspense of the world
The highest suspense.
The greatest suspense.

7) Victory
What a freedom! I am relaxing.
After a fight, my mood is fresh.
Fight in fact is only defense.
Victory of mine is ahead.

8) Poems
Tears outcome as poems
Viewers make that drop honey.
Comments make us satisfied
Moments become wonderful.

9) Haiku
For being dogs
Are being trained
Human beings !

10) The Words of Mind
(Manassinte mozhi)

Don’t be afraid.
I’m merely a killer.
Very deacent guy. hhah 🙂
Bolo Bharat maata ki…

I do it not always.
Only sometimes.
idaykkidaykke pathivulloo

For me it is not a compulsary item.
But I’m compelled to do it simply…
In certain golden ocassions…
With cheering love… hhah 🙂

I love my job.
It made me much rich.
Undertake sins @ the lowest rate.
And proudly reside inside the prison

Hav to leave quickly
For an emergency operation.
Okey… Bye for now
I love INDIA.
-Vasu Diri

Meaning of Indian language Bolo Bharat Mata Ki – Famous slogan for Holy Mother India. idaykkidaykke pathivulloo..(only some times) saying in Killer’s mother tongue. just to stress. -Vasu Diri


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