Temple of Letters (TOL) is so descriptive in its nature and objective.  It is the realisation of systematic thoughts and activities in a peculiar direction, i.e. spiritual path or the internal path.

It is a developing concept since 1990. It got realized in 2000. Further modified in 2009. And this present model shown below is exposed in a public meet held at Shornur on 22nd Sept. 2013 conducted by some face book friends group.

All notes based on TOL is written in classic Sanskrit as verses. It is known as ALAYAM Patrika. These slokas (14) were recited well in a  ‘you tube video’. It is less exposed because the model itself is found talking.

This form made of paper and thermocoal as a round sanctum of a temple using the letters of ALAYAM of English alphabet. These letters are projected in it. But found and experienced powerful as a Portable Desktop Temple. This form is not however considered as the final. One more remake is proposed after a period short or long.


Temple of Letters


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