Ha. ha. Ha.. :)


I came BACK! After about 3 yrs. Back again to this Dear Blog!

Was developing blogs in the mother tongue, Malayalam. Mine is the only malayalam blog that has dealt  serious matters systematically in the simplest style.  My Blog career proved success. 3 blogs. abt 1000 posts, About 50,000 reviews.   I could rightly RETIRE from there in two and a half year. So I came back  to try English

I hope I can have more friends from all over the world.
And I can improvise my English which is not much rich now.
I hope to update this blog frequently. translating more data from the original sites.
I find the language English is more friendly than other languages.
And the English users are more communicative.
Thanking you for your comments in advance. 🙂

Links to my Malayalam Blogs
1. Santhivicharam (Thoughts for Peace)
2. God’s own Hell  (Fictions based)
3. Divine Thoughts (Eeswara Chintha)