Oh God Where are You?

This world is highly mysterious. The master of the mystery is God. What is the form of God? Is it simple or complex? Is it understandable or tough? Or isit formless?
How to understand God? Religions fix one or the other or many  forms to the almighty. 
Do the super power want to be understood by his creatures like you or I?
Who are eligible  to know the functioning styles of God?
God prefer to  be invisible generally. But a few claim to have found more or less clearly. Saints like SreeRamakrishna Paramahamsa was able not only to see but also to show God for those who deserve.

Yesterday I visited Swami Udit Chaitanya’s site enriched with photos of the calm silent and cool nature. Swamiji’s village concept also delighted me. Here I am writing a line for His Highness.
Namaami Saashtaangam aham bhavantam.
I appreciate Swamiji’s social works as well as computer net-works.

I dedicate this page before the holy feet of Swamiji. Hari om 


Result: I got reply from Swamiji thru Face book within hours. He found me by meditation that I am … and …  So. I made the above sanskrit single line into 12 lines and sent. See Face book.


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